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 (M: Beretta/L: Beretta, Cappellari) 

"War!" is the word on all lips after a century of peace
Fires burnin' into the night, soon clouds will cover the sky

Bridge 1:
We stand together now to face the evil hordes
Marching united, weíre drawing our swords

This is our vow
We'll never bow
Maybe we're all gonna die...
But we fight!

Death is what you see on the ground, look at the fields around
Screams are the only sound, crossing the shields we shout

Bridge 2: 
We're still together but we're falling one by one
A god is on their side, our power's not enough


Silence is fallin' around, covers the land like a shroud
Too quickly Eridan falls, we're not so strong or so bold... Now

Bridge 3: 
We stood together, knowing not it was in vain
So many warriors have died along the way

This was our vow
We'll never bow
Maybe we're all gonna die...

 (M&L: Beretta)

The oath between the kings is done 
They know what is to do
The quest begins to find a man 
A man whose heart is pure

Bridge 1:
Though many warriors are able with the sword
Only the purest soul can reach the Oracle

Chorus 1:
Who is the one? 
Trial of water will show to us 
Fulfill the oath
Pure of heart our only hope

The youngest of the warriors
Was brought up by the monks
His name is Artan and he comes
From Varnia he comes

Bridge 1
Chorus 1

In the Holy Water
He will put the hand
Shall he pass the trial
All the others failed?

Bridge 2: 
Though many warriors are better with the sword
He is the chosen one to reach the Oracle

Chorus 2:
He is the one
Trial of water told it to us
Fulfill the oath
Pure of heart our only hope

(M: Beretta/L: Beretta, Cappellari)

Sparkling in the sun
Armed of steel and leather we are
Our red sign over the shield is symbol of death
Hate in the eyes, riding black horses... ready to strike!
Masters of war, showing no mercy, and no remorse

Wherever we go, death will follow on

Marching soldiers of death, so proud to fight and to die
We will win in the end, and we will conquer this land
Marching soldiers of death, ready to fight and to die
Our glory will shine will light an eternal fire

Drinking the blood of our foes we crucify
An open skull over the banner itís our flag


Fires-burning the fires-weíll never die
Marth-the evil god-guarding us all
Blood-running the blood-wonít let you go 
Die-bow down or die-this is the time

With long black hair covered by a helmet made of bone
Ice in the eyes, fast as a lightning, grey as the sky
Big sword in hand guiding our troops, Slayn is the name
The only one, who never needs the power of Marth


(M&L: Beretta, Ferraris)

Fingers turning red, cold freezing my breath
Never looking down only straight ahead
Winds are blowing all around
Get a grip or youíll fall down
Holding tight to the rock

And you know you cannot stop

Ghosts are dancing now, right before my eyes
Howling in the wind, messing up my mind
I see I must close my eyes
Climbing as if I was blind
Holding tight to the rock
And I know I canít... stop

Winds are blowing even stronger than before
But I donít feel Iím endangered anymore

It is hard to climb but now I know
I can do it if I want

Will I ever see the top of the cliff ?
Now the strength is abandoning me I am alone
Cold is passing like a knife right through me
I will climb until Iím there, I will go to the peak


(M&L: Beretta)

The wind:
Tell me what do you feel?
Wind takes my body embracing me
Receive me into his hands
My heart shall arise, my spirit flies into real life
I am taken by hand, my mind now understands

The wind:
I am the scream of freedom's dream
I'm in your fight for liberty
I'm in the battle for all thatís right

Beyond the wall of human hate

Every brave heart I will move
Every true love I will know
I can be velvet, I can be steel
God of the air, (I) do what I will

I am the one you're searching
I am the Oracle-mine is the voice of the wind
I am the miracle of life-I'm everywhere I like

Listen to me, I'm the Voice of the Wind
Go now to the Crystal Sea
There you will find something that you will need
To break the mystical shield

Travel on to reach the Crystal Shore
Never rest, you know the time is short
Two days and one night you have to walk
Through the iced land of Aryon

If you want to end this bloody war
Beatin' Kamen is the only hope
But beware, 'cause even if you win
You will lose, this is my prophecy


(M: Beretta/L: Beretta, Cappellari)

All around I hear the crackling of broken ice
Vision is not clear because of fading light
Frost in the air, but my heart is warm
Something burning levitates, rising from the lake

By two great wings it will fly in the skies
Dragonhead on the bow, with two shininí eyes

ďWelcome on boardĒ, I hear in my head
Thoí nobodyí speaking now, I can hear it loud

I feel the power growing inside of me
Everywhere I want to go
Drakkar does, Drakkar knows

Dragonship spreading the wings
Bring me tonight, into the fight
Dragonship riding the wind 
The reign of death, we'll make it end

The Dragonís Spirit:
I am the Spirit of the Last Dragon
I live inside this ship
Iíve been waiting for centuries
For a pure of heart
My honourís to serve you
To do as you command
My fate is to help you
In a mission so hard

Weíve finally reached the castle now
Dispel the magic, it wonít keep me out
Cold flames erupt, from the Drakkarís jaws
And the shield is melted down, blue flames all around


(M: Beretta/L: Beretta, Cappellari)

Blade on blade, they are crossing the swords
Sparkles fly and the duel begins
Artan knows that he has to prevail
Leaving fear in the back of the heart

Bridge 1:
Slayn is decided not to let him pass
He has a dark smile on his lips

On through the path of glory they are marching on
There is a secret and tonight it will be known 
Call of the destiny will bind them like a chain
Nothing will ever be the same
Not again

By his sword Slayn is stronger than all
Artan is falling to the ground
Helmet breaks, and reveals his face
Battle ends, by the hand of fate

Bridge 2:
Looking at Artan Slayn is turning pale
Standing in silence he awaits


Bridge 3:
Slayn has decided now to let him pass
Nobodyís winning in the end


(M&L: Beretta)

The demon awaits; heís laughing at Artan now
A red sword in hand, in the eyes a burning fire

Bridge 1:
Into the Hall of Darkness
The epic fight begins

The pure of heart has taken the first blood
But the evil one is ready for his attack

Bridge 2: 
Though Artan does his best
It may be just too hard

Until the end fights for the hope
He doesnít know heís not alone 
Itís not the sword, it is the heart
He must rely on for the fight

Artanís running all around
Tryiní hard to trick the demon
But his blows are far too weak
He can wound, he cannot kill

Kamení sword is burning fire-he doesnít need to touch you 
Coming close it is enough-to feel the deadly heat


How can you dare to challenge me?
Are you insane or want to die?
I wonít let go, I wonít surrender
Iíll give it all, also my life 
My power comes right from a god
My fateís to rule, I am the One 
Maybe itís true, but we will stand
And we will fight to the last man

But in the end, right when all it seems to be lost
Slayn here he comes, taking himself Kamenís deadly lounge
Then, by the sword, Artan cuts the demonís head off
All is over now, the end of the war

 (M: Beretta, Ceretti/L: Beretta)

Take a look in my soul tonight: it's an empty space you'll find
Finally now I understand the last words Oracle said

Whatís the meaning of it all? 
Why to find a brother lost
Just to lose him once again?

Tell me why I have to pay such a price for victory?
In the night along with Slayn, it has died a part of me
In the end he sacrificed everything to be redeemed
And Iím standing here alone, lonely, as Iíve never been

Is it all just a cruel joke? Are we all destinyís pawns?
Victory has a bitter taste... losing more than you have gained

Many questions in my mind, 
But I just canít see the light
Maybe I will never do... 


King Randall:
Now itís time to stop the pain
For his death was not in vain
Even for a time so short
Youíve been with him after all
And to save us it was
His brotherly love