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Gemini - The whole tale. ( English )

After a century of peace, it's war on the Island of Alteria. The evil minister of the reign of Kardia, Kamen, has taken the throne, killing the old, heirless king Marn. To do this, Kamen did use the power of the Evil God Marth, a power evoked by an ancient spell found after years of searching.With his new powers, Kamen raises a mystical shield all around the royal castle; nothing could go through it, nor anybody uninvited. Then he decides to set out to conquer the whole island. His troops, protected by the power of Marth, are guided by Slayn, a young warrior of unknown extraction, the adopted son of a nobleman of Kardia. Amazingly quickly, the reign of Eridan falls under Kardia's blows, too quickly for the other reigns of Alteria (Varnia and Lysia) to come to help (Beginning/Eridan Falls). Randall, king of Varnia, and Amon, king of Lysia, decide to join forces to hinder Kardia's advance. However, they both know that the force of arms may be useless against an enemy clearly protected by an evil power. The only hope is to turn to the Oracle of the Mountain of Spirits, in the reign of Varnia. In the past, none of those who dared to climb the mountain did return. Nobody knows who or what the
Oracle is: is it real or legend? Anyway, somebody has to try. Though many warriors come forward for this mission, choosing the right one is hard. The legend says that only a man whose heart is pure can reach the top of the mountain. After proving his ability with the sword, every warrior has to face a much more difficult test: he must put his hand in the holy Water of Purity. Only if its colour doesn't change, will he be considered worthy of the mission. One by one, the warriors face the trial, but the water always becomes cloudy; then a young soldier, Artan of Varnia, decides to try. His extraction is uncertain: he's a foundling, brought up by some monks. Moreover, he's very young and not as good as the others are with the sword. But he's the only one to pass the trial of water: he is the chosen one (Pure Of Heart). Meanwhile, Slayn and his troops are fighting the united armies of Varnia and Lysia. This foes are valiant, but the Soldiers of Death know that the power of Marth will make them win in the end (Soldiers Of Death). After a short journey, Artan finally arrives to the Mountain of Spirits, and begins a long, hard climb (The Climb). As he finally reaches the top, he discovers that the Oracle is the wind itself. Its prophecy is clear: to end the war, he must go to the roots of evil, and beat Kamen. To do this, the prophecy continues, he has to reach the Crystal Sea, travelling through the iced land of Aryon. There, he will find something that will help him to pass through the shield and enter the royal castle. But he must beware, because even if he wins, he will lose (The Voice Of The Wind). At the same time, Slayn has a strange feeling that something important is going to take place; he leaves the battlefield, and spurs his horse on towards the royal castle. In the meantime, Artan has reached his destination. On the shore of the Crystal Sea, he watches the Dragonship breaking the ice, and rising from the water to the air by two great wings. Soon he discovers that his thoughts can control the ship, and so he boards and sails towards the royal castle. As he gets near the shield, he orders the ship to break it. A magical, cold flame erupts from the Drakkar’s jaws, and soon the shield is gone (Dragonship). As he enters the castle, in the hall he finds Slayn. Both are determined to win, and both their faces are covered by a full helmet. The battle starts, and from the beginning it’s clear that Slayn is much stronger than Artan. Artan knows it, but he also knows that he can’t just surrender. Soon, a mighty blow from the blade of Slayn’s sword throws him to the ground, breaking his helmet in two. As Slayn sees his adversary’s face, he stops, and turns pale. After an entire minute of silence, he announces to Artan that he has decided to let him pass. “I am with Kamen -he says- because only a strong power could bring order to this land. If he can’t even beat you, maybe he’s not strong enough. Go, now! His throne is right behind that door!” (The Secret). Artan knows that he has to act quickly, and not ask himself how Slayn came to that decision; so, he opens the door and enters the hall of the throne. Kamen is there, waiting for him. He sneers at Artan, proclaiming that he will not leave alive. Then he begins to sing an ancient wail, and in a few seconds he turns into a big demon, with a great, blazing sword in hand. A terrible battle takes place, and though Artan does his best, once again he’s far inferior to his enemy. But, when everything seems lost, Slayn puts his body between Kamen and Artan, taking himself Kamen’s deadly lunge. Immediately, Artan whirls his sword and cuts off the demon’s head. The evil body falls to the ground, and begins to burn; in less than a minute, only ashes remain (Until The End). Artan kneels down, near Slayn. “Why? –he asks- why did you save my life, and risk your own?” “Take off my helmet, please.” says Slayn. As Artan removes the helmet, he sees what he never thought he would see. Looking into Slayn’s face, is as if he were looking into a mirror! “How could I let you die? You’re my twin brother...” says Slayn, and then he dies, in the Artan’s arms. Artan shouts to the sky, and he cries for a very long time. Now, he finally understands the Oracle’s words. Then, taking the body of his brother, he returns to the Dragonship, and sails towards home (Death of Slayn). As the Oracle said, the troops of Kardia, without the power of Marth to protect them, are easily defeated in a couple of days. The war is finally over. Bitter is the taste of victory for Artan, who lost the brother he had just found; but King Randall consoles him. After all, even for a short time, they were reunited; and it was their brotherly love that defeated Kamen (The Price Of Victory).